Save Big With Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Unlike the inefficient induction motors used in single and two-speed pumps, variable speed pump utilize what’s known as a permanent magnet motor.  This is the same type of motor used in electric cars.  They allow the user to “dial in” the exact flow rate they need for their pool allowing them to capitalize on the golden rule of pool circulation: slower is better.  The idea is that by reducing the flow rate of water, there is less friction, which makes the entire system dramatically more efficient.

They are also much quieter, vibrate less, run cooler, last longer, are digitally controlled, and have advanced diagnostics.  Basically, variable speed pumps are the Cadillac of pool pumps, and most studies show that they are 90% more efficient than standard one-speed pumps.  This typically equates to an operating cost of approximately $20-$30 per month.

Kerley & Son’s Pool Plastering are experts in variable speed pool pumps, and we can ensure that you’re getting the most efficient and money-saving products on the market. We are one of the few who can offer variable speed pump special programing and automation with Hayward and Pentair in the Kern County area.